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Interactive Film in Post-Production

Genre: Drama, Game

Written and Directed by Michael Bergmann

Concept by Michael Bergmann & Lucas Tahiruzzaman Syed

Story: In this nonlinear, interactive film experience, psychoanalyst Annie, married to psychoanalyst Mel, embarks on an affair with psychoanalyst Rex. Annie unconsciously uses the rocky affair to bring her childhood traumas to the surface. The viewer uses insights gained from the footage they have seen to discover new film clips, riffing on the role of a psychoanalyst: one who listens to their patients and then synthesizes that information to create new insights.

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Feature Film In Development 

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Written and Directed by Michael Bergmann

Attached Cast Rachel Feisntein

Story: In this spooky real estate farce, a real estate agent schemes to sell the same house to two families — by telling both families that the house is haunted.

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Eight-Part Mini-Series - In development

Genre: Historical, Drama

Written by Michael Bergmann

Adapted from the novels by Jonathan F. Putnam

Synopsis: Young lawyer Abraham Lincoln begins to awaken to the horrors of slavery and mob mentality, issues which would continue to confront him his whole life and which still plague us today. He works with his good friend and intellectual rival Joshua Speed to solve a series of murder mysteries and take on harrowing cases in court; through these challenges, Lincoln becomes the man we still revere.

Official Selection, MIA TV. Read more in Variety.

Producers: Roee Sharon Peled (300: Rise of an Empire, Echelon Conspiracy) Jonathan Tzachor  (Power Rangers, Echelon Conspiracy).

Casting Director: Alison E. McBryde (Heat, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor)

These Honored Dead


Half-hour episodic series - In development

Genre: Comedy

Directed by Michael Bergmann

Original Idea by Daniel Bergmann

Written by Michael Bergmann, Daniel Bergmann, Kate Herzlin...

Synopsis: show-within-show 20-minute comedy series. We meet a film crew shooting Vicky & Mickey, a show featuring two crime-fighting lovers who are really great at taking down bad guys...and really bad at everything else. The cast and crew developing this show suffer from their own lack of life skills. Each week, their issues derail their shoot days. They work together to build their life skills, shoot - and improve - their show, and gradually become a little less... puzzled.

Starring: James Kacey, Melissa Mars, Jasper Hamilton...

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Based on Tom Wolfe's bestseller "The Bonfire Of The Vanities" 

Feature Film from Live Performance

Genre: Comic Opera

Music by Stefania de Kennesey

Libretto & Direction by Michael Bergmann 

Story: Trader Sherman McCoy invents a bond so hot it propels him to the top of the financial world. But just as he scores the highest bonus and the sexiest mistress, he gets sucked into a scandal centering on a hit-and-run incident of a young black man in the South Bronx, that brings all of New York City crashing down upon him.

Represented by House of Film

Bonfire the Opera


Completed Feature Film

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Story: In this poignant romantic comedy, Francis and Laura, two teens with autism, go on a first date, communicating by typing on letter boards with the assistance of their parents. As the date unfolds, doubts assail the young lovers about the role their parents are playing in helping form their ideas... Do they influence them or is it the other way around, as the young man spells to his father: “So your thoughts, were they really ours?”


Written and Directed  by: Michael Bergmann 

Starring: James Kacey, Rachel Zeiger-Haag, Kim Cristo...

Produced by: NewYorkRep, Burgeon & Flourish

Presented by: APL

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