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Michael Bergmann

Writer & Director

Michael Bergmann is a writer and director who has worked with many great actors, and whose films have won prizes all over the world (U.S., France, Canada, England…). His films include Milk & Money, which was called “a treat to see” by The New York Times, starring Calista Flockhart and featuring Olympia Dukakis and Peter Boyle; Influence, inspired by Michael and Meredith’s son with autism, which America Magazine said “bravely explores this rough terrain, initiating the audience into the world of autism”; Trifling With Fate of which Variety said, “unafraid to be both smart and silly”, with Bridget Moynahan; and Tied to a Chair, which The New Yorker called “one of the more exotic and enticing new independent films”, with Mario Van Peebles and Robert Gossett. Bergmann wrote the libretto for Stefania de Kenessey’s opera based on Tom Wolfe’s bestselling novel The Bonfire of the Vanities and directed the world premiere in New York, which Financial Times called “melodically ingratiating; caustically witty”; the filmed performance is represented by House of Film.

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Meredith Bergmann

Sculptor & Production Designer

Meredith Bergmann is a poet and award-winning sculptor who for nearly 40 years has been making work that deals with complex themes in an accessible, beautiful and stimulating way. She works both on public monuments and on a private scale. She seeks out public commissions that explore issues of history, race, human rights, disabilities and the power of poetry and music. Her private works often involve visual and verbal puns.

Her largest public commission, unveiled in 2003, was for the Boston Women’s Memorial on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston’s Back Bay. She is currently sculpting the FDR Hope Memorial for New York City’s Roosevelt Island.

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